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Preconstruction Planning

RLR begins to work on the details of a project as early as the pre-construction phase so that all of the projects will be executed successfully. Our team works closely with the owner or owner’s representative to manage the project efficiently.

Our in-house review team plays a critical role in every project we do. We work together with design and construction pros to troubleshoot and resolve any design issues that may cause challenges later on. From the beginning of the project to the end we help the team with updates, conferences, scheduling and process meetings. Constant and reliable communications is the secret to a successful project.

RLR reviews and updates plans for constructability and value management at every update. Our philosophy of excellence is built on the idea that our team is an extension of the owner and with communication and collaboration we do not want surprises on the job. We listen, we inquire and we work closely with the owners team to carry out the vision of the owner.


RLR offers flexibility in contracting methods to fit our client’s needs. As a general contractor, we work as an extension of the client. From initial design coordination through bid packaging and management of subs and suppliers.


Our proven systems ensure that your projects are delivered on time and in budget.

If you have already selected a GC, then we can help them as a subcontractor as well.


RLR has unlimited licenses in masonry, painting, drywall, framing and acoustical ceilings. Let us help you with your design from the pre-construction phase through the close-out of the project.

As a GC, RLR has extensive subcontractor teams waiting to help you with your project. We get as many sub bids as possible and compare their scopes to make sure that they have all the intended construction included and we compare for value and engineering.

As a subcontractor to your GC, RLR reaches out to all the regional vendors to obtain the very best prices in all of the materials that may be spec’ed for your job and we pass those valuable prices on to your GC.


RLR understands that time is money, and this holds true on all construction projects. Keeping an accurate schedule is just one way RLR has been able to achieve client satisfaction.

Our team has extensive in experience in scheduling software’s. They utilize their experience along with historical data to build a preliminary schedule for the project.


The construction industry is always changing, so utilizing data is very important for accurate schedules. RLR also looks at various factors such as production rates, buyouts, site access, soils reports and much more in order to develop an accurate schedule for the owner.

Using Project Scheduler as a base, short interval schedules are created and updated on a regular basis. One and three week schedules are produced and given to the subs and owner representatives regularly creating a tightly focused framework for coordinating all work on site at any time.

This focused scheduling enables RLR to evaluate quickly and changes, bottlenecks, inspections, etc. and keeps the owner’s reps informed of the exact status of their project.

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